Just for the sake of honesty – I work at “Uoga Uoga”, but it doesn’t change my opinions and experiences with products. We are alloud to speak freely. The Dolby is a free gnome.

Well hello beautiful people. For those of you who might not know “Uoga Uoga” is handmade fresh and natural cosmetics from Lithuania. This line in particular was created for about 2 years. The main ingredients are hyaluronic acid and cranberry extract. It is geared towards women who have first signs of aging. Which is clearly not me, because I’m 22. But honestly, at this point in my life I am trying pretty much anything because it is truly a rare occasion that my face likes something at all. Let’s see how these will perform, shall we?


I have tried several things from the line – the night cream, day cream for combination to oily skins and the face mask. That’s what I love about this brand – you are able to get some free testers to try the products out. There are also the day cream for normal to dry skin types, the scrub and lastly the undereye cream.

Day cream for oily to combination skins with flowers acid and cranberry extract – I wasn’t very happy about it. The consistency is a little bit liquidy, the smell is quite neutral (because I don’t want to repeat myself I will say, that all products have a really soft smell to them). I don’t mind these two things at all. I just didn’t liked that my oily skin gets greased up faster than it is when I am not using any cream on my face before the makeup. Therefore, I am completely dissapointed in any daytime face cream ever. As you might think, I didn’t bought this just for a picture to my blog – because I only see that as a waist of product and money, of course.


Now the second thing that I’ve tried was The face mask with flowers acid and cranberry extract. Since it has flowers acid it is adviced not to use before going outside (because the sun reacts with acids). The same goes to the scrub of that line, which I didn’t tried because I am a cleansing face masks type of a gal. Although, have in mind that these acids are made for simple customers, meaning, these acids are less acidic, than say the ones cosmetologists use.

I am not sure how I feel about this product yet, so I bought it for further testing. So far I am happy with the results it gives – makes my skin smoother, softer and more radiant. But there is one small thing – there is a product called (roughly translated) as Blueberry river, that does give me almost the same effect minus the radiance part and is cheaper. Is this one worth the extra money? I’ll let you know, after I finnish the whole packaging.


The third, and last product that I’ve tried is the Night face cream with hyaluronic acid and cranberry extract. It is the richest with oils and vitamins in this line accordingly the consistency is the thickest. Aaaand I love it. It gives me the softest smoothest and the most hydrated skin I have ever had. Also my skin becomes visibly more radiant. I was strugling with my face dehydration for years, and finally I can say – I think it will be over with this cream. I no longer need a day cream. Oh, I just do not enjoy the jar type of packaging. Although it is pretty.

Ok, that’s it I had a lot of words this time. I go to sleep now. K, bye.

Visit the website to know more if you’re intrested http://uogauoga.com/

Love, Gina 🙂