Ombre blush in MAUVE ME and eyeshadow in STFU


The blush is quite creamy consistency, well pigmented, has a nice sheen. The pan itself is hupengous, has a really nice mirror (it’s one of my favourite mirrors to use when I’m doing my makeup). The packaging is nice and stirdy. I love this product, and the colour also.

Yellow eyeshadow, however, doesn’t seem well made. In the picture you can see the swatches where the first one is without a primer, and the second one is with. What really concerns me is that the primer changed the colour, and that has never hapened to me before with any eyeshadow. It is quite powdery and dry, not what I tipically go for. I still use it, though, because honestly, I bought it and it works fairly with the base. It is possible to make it work. The packaging is okay also, I don’t mind it.

Glitters in BRONZE and TEAL/SARCELLE and glitter glue


Now these glitters are my new love – with the base they are amazing. Not much to say, glitters always look fabulous, exept I would like that Nyx would have more variety in sizing of glitters, that would be perfect. Beautiful. No complaints packaging wise.

Lingerie lipstick in EXOTIC and Soft matte lip cream in TOULOUSE


So I didn’t enjoy the Lingerie lipstick because it is extremely drying on my lips. And yes, I have tried using the lip balm before. Doesn’t help much. But it is a total preference thing, some of my friends love this lipstick and it always  bothers me, how can they wear it. I guess I’m just very sensitive little girl. Doe – foot applicator, and sleek packaging ftw.

Soft matte lips, however, totaly deserve all the hypes. It’s truly soft and matte. And feels like cream on the lips. Applicator the same as in the Lingerie line. The packaging is simple and compact. One of my all time favs.

Lip pencil in MAUVE, eye pencils in SATIN BLUE, MEDIUM BROWN, WHITE and Tres jolie liner in PITCH BLACK


Lip pencil is the best. It has beautiful creamy formula, and amazing colour payoff. The price is just a cherry on top.

Eye pencils are a little bit too harsh on my sensitive watery eyes, and when it comes to tightlining it does not hold in for long. I don’t hate them, but I’m not impressed also.

Now the Tres jolie one I bought only because Kathleen Lights love it so much. She uses it for the tightlining. The funny thing is that it glides on like a dream if use it as an eyeliner – very black and bold, but when it comes to my waterline, it just doesn’t draw on it. Like at all. Have you had this problem with any kind of pencil? Weird.

Eyebrow pencil in TAUPE and Brow pomade in BLONDE


This brow pencil is honestly the most user friendly brow product I came across. If you’re new to the makeup thing, or if you struggle to do your brows this will become your best friend. Very thin tip allows you to mimic the brow hairs like it’s no big deal. The consistency of the product is very waxy. It is easy to clean up if you mess something up, which also can be a drawback if you unintentionaly like to touch your eyebrows. And it also has a spoolie on the other end.
Sadly I cannot say the same about the pomade. The problem is that no matter how much  I put this on my brows I cannot see the product on my skin at all. BUT it swatches beautifully on the hand. What sorcey is this? Maybe I bought the bad one?

Color mascara in PINK PERFECT and La amoureux mascara in BLACK (?)


I bought the pink mascara for the lolz obviously. It doesn’t do much, it just has a pretty pink colour. The wand is ok, nothing amazing or world changing.

La amoureux is not my favourite. I didn’t like it for my particular lashes. It is a very natural mascara that gives a tiny bit of curl. And I like drama on my lashes – maximum lenght and maximum volume. It has a regular sized wand. Also it is a very hm.. interesting scented mascara. Not my cup of tea.

Liquid eyeliner in WHITE


I use it a lot for my IG looks but on it’s own it’s a little bit hard to work with because it has a flimsy long brush. And I have really shaky hands. Not the best combo in the world. The product itself is amazing – sets quickly and the opacity is beautiful. Weird style of packaging, not very practical.

Ok, that’s it for the part 1. See you later, k bye.

Love, Gina :}