God, I’ve been watching so much of Simply Nail Logical that I’ve decided to buy some holo sandals at some point this month. I saw some in H&M’s.

Also excuse my dogs hair. I should probably make some makeup brushes out of them.

Anyways, ze foundation is best suited for dry/normal skin. For combo and oily skin types it probably will be a little bit too dewy. It is really light in coverage, thus it is really skin like. Has a pump, costs about 10€. Is it worth trying? Well at first I was like girl YASSS, but no. I mean the shade selection is bonkers – 115 is like what, a ton lighter than my skin, and this 120 is super dark.


You know how I see this? Too much work for not enough coverage. And not because I’m oily, I can still pull it off, if i blot every few seconds, no. It’s because I have these blackheads poppin, and this foundation does not cover them in one layer. So, to sum up – if you are lazy, and have some shit to cover just pass this one. I liked the L.A. girl one better. By the way, who’s watching renewed Samurai Jack? I kno I am ahaha. K, bye.

Love, Gina :3