When working with other makeup atists on TV sets, I noticed that they don’t really use contour at all. They just softly bronze the face to give the illusion of a naturally sculpted face. And I must admit – it looks far more flattering on people than contouring. Since I didn’t wanted to spend a lot of money on it, I just memorised the kind of shade they where using and decided to go to drugstore and find a dupe.


I swatched so many products that day, but the only one who I found fairly similar was Sheer tan from H&M. At first I was quite unsure about my selection, but I have done makeup for a few people since then, and I think this shade IS perfection.

Honestly, when swatching it, it seems like nothing special, but dusted light handedly on the cheeks it looks so gorgeous. Definately recommend to check it out. Please and thank you. For only 8€, guuuurl. K, bye.

Love, Gina :}