That is a really well known blush from Milani, all youtube talks about it up until this day. But is it really worth the hype?


First of all, it comes in this really nice packaging that has a mirror and a brush. I personally think, that the brush itself is terrible for the blush application, however, I think I am going to use it in my SFX makeup looks. The packaging isn’t travel friendly, quite flimsy actualy.


On the other hand, blush  has a really nice formula. Has a nice amount of sheen in it. And a nice amount of product in it. It is nice. Frankly – you will not like this if you are really pale, it will look like a terrible too much of oranginess bronzer on you. And it also emphasizes the pores really well. Do I like it? I think that it would be a beautiful summer shade for me, and I don’t mind my pores showing, because I have quite a large pores since forever, sooo I’m kinda used to them. So all in all I like it, it’s just a bummer that I will be able to use it only in the summer, because I am quite pale now. K, bye.

Loves, Gina :}