Sup you guys. Not a long time ago I found this new brand at my local store. And I needed a loose powder, so here it goes.


It costs only 5€ I think, which is ridiculous – in my country you cannot find the loose powder anything cheaper than 7€. Which is crazy.  This is definately not what I expected in the sense, that I needed a heavily mattifying powder. This has a lot of sheen in it. Sooo, that didn’t go well. However, I really like this as a topper of any kind of matte foundation. Now this is the lightest shade, at least in my country, which is not light at all. Even in the picture it looks orangy. And if you will try to pack it on, it will look like that on the face too. So, please, lightly dust it on your face if needed. All in all, I think it is a beautiful product. The only downside of this to me is that the packaging is rubbish – the product gets everywhere.

I love you if you will get the joke.


Could you please recommend me some inexpensive matifying loose powder that doesn;t give flashback? That would be awesome, because I cannot get my hands on RCMA no colour powder. K, bye.

Lovess, Gina :}