Since my skin is extremely oily, I’m always out for the hunt of a perfect powder to touch up. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t like matte face, I prefer glowy. But since my skin produces oils faster than you can blink, even when I use completely matte foundation and matte powder, after only a few hours, I still get glowy at the very least. Anyways, here’s the compact that I’ve been loving this month.


The ingredients are not the best, I am aware of that, but I also know, that not every person can afford Laura Mercier powders or something like that pricy. This powder is really finely milled, and doesn’t have flashback. Of course it cakes up if I use too much of it, but I don’t know which drugstore powder isn’t. I strongly recommend this if you are on the budget and have normal to oily skin. K, bye.

Loves, Gina :}