I got these little lipsticks on sale on Beauty Bay. They don’t have it anymore. However, I thought that these tiny miniatures are going to be perfect for me to try out Stila. Since I never did.



These are very soft to the touch, they have moussy texture. Really hydrating formula, comparing to Lingerie lipsticks from Nyx. I say, if you don’t like liquid lipsticks drying your lips out, definately give these a try.


I get the full opacity by applying 2 coats, I always apply my lipsticks with a brush, because I like these crisp sharp, almost perfect lines. Lipsticks smell like cupcakes, and feel like silk. The only downside is that they transfer. I haven’t had the chance to test them out throughout the whole day, so I don’t really know the how long they will last. Sorry, I didn’t had the occasion. Anyways, had to kind of scrub them off of my lips, so I assume they hold up pretty well. K, bye.

Love, Gina :}


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