Ever since Bioderma got popular, everyone was trying to find a dupe for it. Because Bioderma is quite expensive. Can this lotion beat it?


Nope. This is by far one of the worst micellar waters I’ve tried. It stings and burns my eyes, doesn’t clean makeup well, the smell is so strong that it gives me nightmares, and if that is not enough reason for you not to buy it, just look what happened to the lid within the first week.


Luckily it cliks on, and doesn’t move. This is a huge miss for me. I must admit I have really sensitive eyes, and I’m also sensitive to smells, but, damn. Then I thought to myself, since it is called lotion, I shouldn’t use it on my eyes then, right? Then why the fuck would someone (the joke’s on me) buy it at all? K, bye.

Loves, Gina 🙂

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