I was dying to try out for some Body Shop products since forever. It is a well known brand for every beauty junkie. Needless to say I was dissapointed from the first try. I have had a couple of products, and both of them didn’t work out for me. Since I got rid of the sorbet, I bring you the review about shampoo *badumm tss*.


So, about this shampoo. I mentioned that I have a constant problem with my scalp flaking, and I still do. It is a never ending battle for me. So I thought I’d give this guy a go. Well, for the price, I must admit it doesn’t do anything good. It is not bad by any means, it didn’t make my dandruffs layer, like some of the shampoos I had in a past. But yea, nothing spectacular. My hair even wasn’t that shiny when I used it. And you know, I like it to shine like a mirror. I prefer that people would be able to read in the dark night, because my hair reflects the moon so well. And the moon isn’t even shining. Y’know. Oh, and it smelled like a ginger on steroids.

How about I ramble a lottle (it’s like a little, but a lot). In general I don’t like that this brand kind of tricks in to thinking that it is really natural. They don’t advertise it directly. But come on. We all know, that a pretty packaging helps to sell stuff, and theirs look like it’s a fucking home made shit. These ingredients aren’t the best at all fo the scalp and the hair overall. I guess I’m just trying to say that I don’t like these mind games. I think it’s just a really well advertised brand. And that’s it.

Chat with me – what do you think about this brand? Am I overreacting here? Let me know your thoughts, but for now, have the best hair day. Ever. K, bye.

Loves, Gina :}

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