Or you may call it a toner. It is used everytime after face contacts with water. Since the water has property to dry out the face, toners bring back normal pH balance and some of them moisture the skin, the others prevent acne etc.


This toner helps me to prevent the tightening feeling (what are these word combinations), that I have after washing it with cleanser, for example, and is quite moisturising. It makes the skin softer, gives a subtle glow. Also this bad buoy lasts me for a couple of months if not more. However, it is really pricy and the packaging is shit. But, this Bobbi toner was the only one that actually worked for me, and this is my goal – to have a positive impact on my skin. So I strongly recommend this toner, it doesn’t clogg the pores, and I believe it is a perfect toner for every skin type, even for really dry and sensitive.

Well that escalated quickly. Follow for more quick reviews. Because why not. Or you can just read my blog secretly. Hey man, whatever generates your mass effect fields. K, bye.

Loves, Gina :}

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