Welcome to Lazy Minutes. If you are too lazy to read, please visit my youtube chanel over here. But for those of you who prefer reading, I have a little something for you too 🙂

So yea, the All Nighter isn’t going well on me, because I had some allergies, and my nose was runny. The foundation just separates and cakes up around dry parts of my nose a lot. It is a matte foundation that normally is ideal for my skin type which is oily/dehydrated. So I just came up with the idea to liquify the foundation somehow, that it wouldn’t emphasize my dry areas. Then I realized that I’m too lazy to go buy some oils or something like that, and in the end I decided that I have some Mac’s Fix+. I tried it a couple of times and it worked.

These are the four things that I use: Beauty Blender, Buffing brush, zee foundation, and any moisturising spray.

Firstly I apply a generous coat of fix+. I wait for it to dry down, then I apply foundation with my fingers and buff it in with a brush in downward motions. Then I spray another coat of fix+ and blend everything with a beauty blender. I work in very thin layers, so even a high coverage foundation like this needs a second coat, to get the intensity that I want. So I repeat everything once again. It doesn’t eliminate the dryness completely, but it is way less visible.

Take everything with a grain of salt – it might not work for you or with your particular products, but hey, it never hurts to try. Thank you, for reading. And may the good skin days be always with you. K, bye.
Loves, Gina :}

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