I’ve been trying some products from Origins. It is quite almost affordable brand, so I decided to give it a go. Supposedly it is more of a natural brand that belongs to Estee Lauder.

The first thing I would recommend to buy is the Zero Oil deep pore cleanser. I think only the oily girls will love it, though. Because it has salicylic acid, it is quite drying on the skin, however, it is a good kind of drying, because if you tend to get some pimples, this stuff is a helping hand. Not only it diminishes little breakouts, but pimples themselves heal a lot faster too. The smell, and the packaging are debatable. Honestly, my tube just broke off after a month or so. The thing just doesn’t clip on, you can see it in the picture. But for the 19€, I consider this a really good product (the last time I really enjoyed a cleanser it costed 30€). Also I have noticed, that my skin become less oily throughout the day.


Honorable mensions, that I really enjoyed, but never got them because they’re quite expensive:

  • HIGH POTENCY NIGHT-A-MINS CREAM OIL-FREE MASK. This stuff is sooo good for dehydrated skin or if you want to keep your skin hydrated also. Just leaving it over night makes the skin soft and plumped and, obviously, hydrated. Honestly better buy this mask, rather then those 10 cheap ones. It definately gets the job done.
  • NEVER A DULL MOMENT SCRUB. It instantly brightens up the complexion, and smells awesome, also scrubs the face really gently. Noice.


To the not so great products thing. Sorry, this little thing is used up as fuck. I have an explanation why I don’t like it, I swear. Ok, I love the packaging, because it is has a pump, but the problem is, that as much as it is comfortable to use, it doesn’t do much. The serum just makes my skin soft. That’s about it. I tried using it with the cream, it’s just, I don’t get any results out of it. I’m sorry.

Other products that didn’t work out for me:

  • All undereye creams. Really, I tried them ALL. Again, no noticable results. Some of them even ball-up under the makeup. No, thank  you.
  • CLEAR IMPROVEMENT MASK. I’m not really sure how it would work on different skin types, but on oily, clogged skin it doesn’t do anything.

All in all, I really am in love with Origins as a brand. I must say that most of the products suit me quite well, and I  really enjoy them. K, bye.

Loves, Gina :}

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