I got all of these for free. All opinions are my own. Just throwing this out there. K.

I really enjoyed the mascara “Dimensions de Chanel” – it makes lashes beautiful and voluminous. Pretty similar to Urban Decay “Perversion” mascara, only I liked the Chanel more. I feel like it does my lashes better. You can layer it, and this doesn’t make them spidery. However, in the end of the day, the tips just crumble of. I think it is worth the price.

Now to the “Rouge allure ink” is pretty cool too. I don’t love nor do I hate it. The consistency is very creamy, they dry down matte, but never dry out the lips. It transfers, though. Since the color I got is not my type, I cannot wear this. But I’m gonna keep this for my clients.

This shadow quad. Not worth the price at all. Makeup Geek shadows blend and fell a crapton better then this guy. I also don’t get the colour selection. Totally overpriced. Maybe I got the dried out one, but I don’t like this at all. I’m just going to gift it to my friend.


It’s so cold in here. Once again my country is becoming a huge fridge. Oh, I also got my first tattoo. I will show you when it heals, ok? I got so much new stuff, so I’m trying to review them in gruops, as you can see. I also have high hopes of me creating new makeup looks, it’s just that, since my coworker done my makeup, I have been trying to make it completely the same with my own hands. Bear hands. Beer hands. It is not going well. I think something in me just broke. I want to do a perfect makeup, yet I struggle a lot. Like what the actual fuck. It’s like what 2 months now, and I still cannot do this shit on myself. Have anyone had something like that before? I will keep on trying, but that makes anxious. I love you so much. K, bye.

Gina :}