Not gonna bother you with crazy bullshit, I’m making it extremely short for you guys.

So the price of this is 47,95ā‚¬. Pretty high price, to my mind, but you do get crazy quality eyeshadows, as well as the two sided brush. All of the colors are extremely well pigmented, easy to use, blendable and all that thing. The ONLY downside of it, sometimes the pigment doesn’t stick to the brush well, so you must use a finger in order to apply the product evenly on the lid. Or the setting spray, you know the drill.

Revolt, Fringe, Jilted, Urban and Freak are shimmers, and the rest are all matte. They are not dry by any means, but not buttery also. It is posibble to play with the opacity in any ways you can imagine. Do I regret spending money on it? Hell naw. Would I recommend to buy this? Hell yaaaass. I honestly have used every single color in this palette. Great for everyday wear also, if you want some pop of colour e.g. thrash in the inner corners. Totally was insta-influenced when decided to splurge on this gem. No regrets though. K, bye.

Dat packaging doee..


Love you a lots, Gina :}