I think I played long enough to say my final thoughts about this palette.This is a really nice purchase if you’re looking for muted, not too crazy, mostly wearable, but also different colours. We do have 12 shades: 3 mattes, 2 with sparkles that blended become mattes and 7 shimmers. First of all – the colour selection is quite nice, I do not use only 3 shades out of it, so I would say you do get a good color payoff. I don’t use “Healthy”, “10” and “Fey” they just aren’t my cup of tea. Although I do believe that is very individual thing. I paid about 30 doll hairs for this, so one shadow costed me about 2,5 so that’s pretty good. Continuing on the shadows, the matte and sparkly ones are blendable but I do wish that they would be a little bit creamier. They don’t feel drying don’t get me wrong, but I wish they would feel just a tad softer. As for the shimmers – they are the best quality. Some colours I even use as a highlight. Oh, and almost forgot – the orange colour “Bloom” and the pink one “Hiatus” are better to put on with fingers, natural bristle brushes don’t pick up the pigmentation at all.


The packaging though! Very apropriate for travel, super stirdy and has a huge mirror. Also this palette is magnetic. If you like these  colors definately pick this up. So yea, k bye.

Loves of lots, Gina :}