Pros: it smells nice. Revives the my ginger hair, the color instantly becomes brighter. Cons: where do I begin – it’s not a pleasant oil to have on your hands in the first place. Sticky as hell. Not moisturizing enough whatsoever, had to use the other oil on top. And the worst thing about it is that it makes my hair tangly (yup that’s a word now) and stuff. I never ever in my life had a problem with my actual hair tangling wtf. I mean, when I bleached them, yes. But that’s it. Plus this oil is expensive, I expected it to do things. But noooo. Do not recommend.

Also, I got that job I was applying to. I’m going to work with cosmetics yaaas. (This is my yesterdays makeup, if someone cares).

PicMonkey Collage

After three years of working in the grocery store I can finally take a deep breath. I deserved this. And you, my friend, deserve a worthy job too. Keep it up. I’m with you. Good days are coming, and the summer is already here. K, bye.

Love you all, Gina :}

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