Just look at my current favourite shampoo.



Guess who’s extremely lazy today. Let’s keep it short – it washes my head perfectly. I have the smallest amount of dandruff with this (yes, that’s amazing, I know). It makes my hair glossy, smooth and soft. It smells not as good as Marrakesh one. They both actualy do almost the same thing to my mind. Argabeta does have a pleasant smell though, like some sort of flower. And it keeps my hair fresh and without oilyness a little longer than the Marrakesh. Therefore, I like this shampoo more. Greasy girls, where you at? I don’t feel the need to use a conditioner after. I just use some oil for the tips. So yeah, definately will rebuy sometime, and highly recommend. K, bye.
Love, Gina :}

My fellow Lithuanians can get it in here.

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