I had some clientele this week. It was actualy my classmate. She asked me to do something pretty on her. I did two looks.

Look number one: Blue halo eyes, brown lips.

I wanted that she could wear her glasses and feel sexy as well. Since blue tones this spring is super duper trendy, I wanted to try and work it in my look. I must say, blue color is difficult to work with, if you are a beginner like myself. But it is possible. Also this blue shadow made her eyes bluer.. Her eyes are green/grey, so I don’t know what’s up with that.

Look number two: Bold eyes, sexy lips.


For this eye look I completely copied the exact look from pinterest, for the learning purposes, of course. And I think I nailed it. Then I decided to draw some new lips for my beloved friend tehe. I think I nailed that one also. Honestly somehow, makeup I do gets better everyday. Like literally. That’s why I love doing it.

Sooo, which look do you prefer? I love them both, but I have to say, lips are waaaaaay better in a second look. Although in reality my friend looked like a mean bitch with them. So we decided that if she’s not going to take any pictures, in reality it looks better to follow her natural lip line rather then overdrawing it. Well, I guess that’s it. K, bye.

Love, Gina :}