This was my attempt to remake a look that Desi Perkins recently did. She made more like a neon look, but I went for a little bit more wearable version of this. You can see full tutorial by Desi in her youtube channel here.


Since I saw this tutorial, I knew it was just the matter of time for me to do it also. Yasss. Though I want to apologize in advance – I didn’t do my both eyes. I was so into what I was doing, that I lost the track of time, and the teacher asked me to leave the classroom when I was halfway through. Later I might add the picture where I did my whole face, but until then, here’s what we got.


As you can see, I skipped the pink tones and falsies. I am not into bright pinks at all actualy. Also I lined my eyes with a brown pencil both my upper and inner rims as well as the upper lashline. Applied on some pinkish star powder on the brow bone, just to blend everything better. I defined my cheeks a little bit more with SLA contour palette and added some Inglot highlighter. To finish everything up, I decided to put on some completely matte lip pencil in nudish color. I just felt like that my eyes were so bright, and my cheeks so defined, I didn’t need anything more. Although in the evening I would pop on some more color to them, maybe burgundy/ vampy stuff, but also matte.


The same makeup look on my client, only falsies added. Quite versatile look if you ask me.

Daša maša

Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone! I hope you liked my version of bright make up. Feeling sexy with this look. K, bye.

Love, Gina :}