I overslept my school. So the day didn’t start great. After the realization that once again I failed in life, I heard someone knocked at the door. And it was a mailman. I wasn’t expecting anything, but apparently Sigma sent me some freebies. So one of them was this Lip Vex. I mean it is a simple lipgloss, that smells like CARAMEL.


Boy oh boy thats some amazing smell. Also the color is so perfect – it’s just a hint of color with really glossy finish.


What I didn’t like about this Vex was that it is quite sticky. I went out shopping the other day and my hair was all over my face. Especialy all over my pretty glossy and caramel smelling lips. It holds on well, at least two hours if you’re not eatting it off or drinking or whatever. In short – if you don’t want your gloss to be moved, don’t move it. It feels nice and smooth on the lips. Unfortunaltely I have nothing to compare it with, because, all glosses in my country are a complete rubish so I assume that 10$ is a reasonable price for this bad boy. All in all I really enjoyed it, mostly on days when I had to go to my boyfriends parents. Honestly it is quite a saviour when you want a little something something on your lips. Subtle yet pretty. Also please, let me know, if you want to see other freebies Sigma gave to me. And if you want to know how to get them for yourself. K, bye.

*A little update. It’s been about three months since I got this lipgloss. I don’t know if it happens just to sample sized lipglosses, but the wand went a little crazy.


Love, Gina :}