But why are you comparing these two mascaras, you will think. Because I have them, that’s why. Also the price range is quite similar – Avon Big and False Lash costs about 6€ and Maybelline Lash Sensational about 7€. So that is that. Lash Sensational is still one of the most popular drugstore mascaras. I personally find it very efficient as well. So nothing new here, this goodness is probably the best damn drugstore mascara you could possibly get.


And then there is this Big and False Lashes mascara. Well first of all, comparing to Sensational the wand is ginormous. Is it better? Hell naw, I can’t coat my lower lashes without messing up my whole eye. Honestly I believe Avon’s wand is a complete rubish. Too chunky. Then there is the formula. Yet again Avon fails at it – I have to clean the wand with a tissue every time before applying mascara because the lumps are everywhere. It’s like a Lumpy princess, except my life isn’t Adventure Time, it’s more like a Workhardandgetnomoney Time (excuse me, while I cry in the corner).


All in all I get the use of both mascaras, but probably you can tell, wich one I will repurchase and yeah.  Just to be sure – skip the Avon mascara for good. K, bye.

Love, Gina :}