Last monday I was at the beauty seminar and I successfully completed training in PERLE DE VIE – PLASTITHERME – BTI. I have no clue what does it mean. Veronique Mateos, really nice French woman, was talking for like 27 years, but this is how seminars work. At least they had some free food. Long story short I got some freebies (hell yass!) I’ve got to speak about. Actualy I want to talk only about this cleansing stuff. Usualy I don’t like to write my “first impresions” because they are almost never correct, but THIS is worth talking about even for a skeptic like me.


That is a sample size, the full size tube is 200ml. So we can say this is a generous amount sample, having in mind that you don’t need a lot of it during the process of cleaning. I just wanted you to know, that this little guy makes my face feel moisturised and silky soft right away after I wash this off. I have never had such an amazing feeling, it left me speachless after. You must try this. Drugstore cleansers that I tried cannot even compare to this. However this is not cheap, because it is made from natural things and you know, it’s hella amazing. The price is 28,05€, you can find it in here. And nein, I ain’t paid to praise this goodness, this is my true opinion, and I hope that it will work for you as well. Note: my skin type is oily/I put my face in the bucket of oil everyday. K, bye.

Love, Gina :}