Hello my beloved readers. Here I return, because I got some nice new additions to my makeup stash. Recently I discovered that my Maybelline BB cream, the pink one, has actualy redish undertone to it, therefore I hate it now. Because me undertone is yellow. Great. Things happen when you begin to put your makeup under a natural light. Also the last time I used it, it gave me some black spots on my face. Like I was literaly a dalmation. Freaked out so much. But, also found this girl that sells makeup brought straight from America. And I was dying to try matte and poreless from Maybelline for so long and I finally bought it.

PicMonkey Collage

As you can see this foundation matches my undertone (praise the universe!) and also is lightweight, I believe. Oh, I forgot to mention, I use number 120/ Classic ivory, and I dusted ontop some translucent powder from their poreless line also. A great duo for an amazing face. Honestly all I can say I just cannot see the diference between my Maq foundation whatsoever. And Maq is considered pro in my country also it is hella expensive, so thumbs up for this beauty. It doesn’t hold my shine throughout the day, but honestly – nothing does. I mean, all I can say is that this foundation looks like a photoshop on my face and I guess I’m in love with it. Are all American drugstore foundations are that good? Please let me know in the comments. Because I feel like my country’s drugstores are mocking me with their stuff. Ok, bye.

Love, Gina :}